In the North development region (Balti municipality and 11 rayons - Briceni, Edineț, Donduseni, Drochia, Falesti, Floresti, Glodeni, Ocnița, Râșcani, Sânerei, Soroca), the implementation of the Local Grants Programme is carried out by the organisation "Pro Coperare Regionala" in partnership with the NGO "CASMED".

“Pro Cooperare Regională”
is a national non-profit organization which started its activities in 2005 in the North Region of Moldova aiming to improvement of the living conditions of rural population through socio-economic projects. During last 14 years of activity, it has facilitated and managed the implementation of various projects in partnership with local NGOs, local governments and public institutions (schools, kindergartens, colleges and universities) as well as other community-based organisations. Long-term partnerships have been established with different organisation working in the field of rural development from Romania, Latvia, Poland, Georgia and other EU countries.

Through the project “Engaging citizens and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in decision-making process and sustainable local development” they hve the goal to empower local communities and civil society organisations (CSOs) to ensure accountability and transparency in decision-making. In achieving this we will work on building and strengthening capacities of local CSOs for participatory planning, procurement’s monitoring and maintaining of public infrastructure investments and to promote and support socio-economic and sustainable local development according to citizens needs through grants delivered to local CSOs for implementing small-scale projects.

The target groups of the project will be at least 20 local CSOs (LCCs, local NGOs representatives and LAGs representatives), at least 25 Grantees, 100 LPAs representatives and approximately 20.000 citizens from the North Region of Moldova.

More information on the implementing partner in the North region can be found by visiting the websites of the project partners: and       

The amount available
for the grant competition in the North development region is 750,000 Euro.

First call for proposals

The first grants competition for local non-governmental organizations in North region was launched in November 2019, and 89 project proposals were received. As a result of the evaluation process, 24 organizations were selected and awarded with grants in the total amount of 668,840 Euro.

Results of the first call for proposals are as follows:

Small grants, up to 10 000 Euro:

  • AO „Consiliul Raional al Tinerilor din Florești'', r. Florești;
  • AO „Băxani - Casa Părintească”, r. Soroca;
  • AO TINERGIE-Perspective și Dezvoltare”, mun. Bălți;
  • AO „Aripi de Viață” r. Edineț;
  • AO Asociația republicană pentru inițiative sociale ”ARIS” (AO ”ARIS”), mun. Edineț;
  • AO „Eco-Protect”, r. Edineț.

Medium grants, up to 30 000 Euro:

  • AO Asociația Dezvoltare Durabilă “Mileniul III”, r. Sîngerei;
  • AO „Centrul de Consultanță şi Şcolarizare în Agricultură Glodeni”, r. Glodeni;
  • AO a Părinților în Sprijinul Învățămîntului, r. Florești;
  • AO Uniunea de persoane juridice Asociaţia Producătorilor Agricoli „TERAGRONORD”, r. Soroca;
  • AO „Colaborare”, r. Edineț;
  • CIDP „ANIMA”, mun. Bălți.

Big grants, up to 50 000 Euro:

  • AO a părinților și pedagogilor „Cantemir Nord”, mun. Bălți;
  • AO „Pro Comunitate Băhrinești” , r. Florești;
  • Centrul de Orientare și Promovare Europeană „Dialog”, r. Sîngerei;
  • AO „Demos”, mun. Edineț;
  • AO Centrul de Resurse pentru Tineret „DACIA”, mun. Soroca;
  • AO „Centrul de Dezvoltare Comunitara Integrata”, mun. Chișinău;
  • AO „Alianța Fermierilor din raionul Drochia", r. Drochia;
  • AO „Plai”, r. Edineț;
  • AO „Cutezătorul”, r. Fălești;
  • AO „Viitorul”, r. Fălești;
  • AO Centrul de Resurse „Univers”, mun. Drochia;
  • AO „LocalInvest”, r. Rîșcani.


Second call for proposals

For the second call for proposals 81,160 Euro remain available.


The Local Grants Programme
is launched under the Single Support Framework for European Union (EU) support to Moldova (2017-2020) within the European Neighbourhood Instrument  through EU-GIZ project "Citizens' Empowerment in the Republic of Moldova" (2019 -2021) and implemented by the German Development Cooperation through GIZ.

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