Grants Centre region

Do you have a project idea and you want support? AGER and ADR Habitat offer training and grants in the Center region.

Grants North region

The program of grants and training in the North region is implemented by Pro Cooperare Regionala and CASMED.

Grants South region

For the inhabitants of the South region, CONTACT-Cahul is the trusted partner. We offer information, training and grants.

Grants ATU Gagauzia region

The project partners in the UTA Gagauzia region are Pro-Europa in Comrat and CONTACT Center. We offer trainings and grants for the inhabitants of the region.

Grants Media and Communication

The Association of Independent Press comes to support ideas of information and communication in the fields of local public services.

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EU Local Grants Programme...

The document presents the Action context and areas of intervention, the approach taken and, most importantly, the key lessons learned with recommendations for other projects that envisage or have just initiated similar interventions to cooperate with CSOs to implement grants’ programmes.

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The EU-funded action "Cit...

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development, representatives of GIZ, and civil society organisations as implementing partners of the project.

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Eveniment de finalizare a proiectului ”Suport în abilitarea cetățenilor din Regiunea de Sud”.

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Cooperarea cetățeni-APL

Caricatură realizată de Asociația Jurnaliștilor de Mediu și Turism Ecologic

Cu ce se ocupă activiștii?

Caricatură realizată de Asociația Jurnaliștilor de Mediu și Turism Ecologic

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