Media and Communication

For Competition for grants in the field of Media and Communication, the project partner is the Association of Independent Press. Grants will be awarded to organisations in four development regions - North, Centre, South and ATU Gagauzia.

Association of Independent Press (API) is one of the most wellknown mass-media organisations in the Republic of Moldova that promotes the principles of free press and renders assistance to independent mass-media and politically unaffiliated journalists. API's mission is to contribute to the development of open society by increase in sustainability and quality of independent media, professionalisation of journalists, strengthening of standards of journalistic deontology. API is appreciated for awareness and education campaigns in different fields of public interest (”STOP FALS!” - Stop false information!, ”Cere socoteală pentru banii publici!” - Call to account for public money!, ”Avere la vedere” - Fortune at sight), actions in advocacy for mass-media development, defence of freedom expression and access to information, etc.

API is a member of organisations and networks of organisations at international and national level. Furthermore, API is one of the founders of the Press Council of the Republic of Moldova, i.e. a national structure of journalistic self-regulation and mediation of disputes between the media institutions and consumers of information. More information on the implementing partner in the field of Media and Communication can be found by visiting the websites of the Association of Independent Press:

Within the Action "Citizens' Empowerment in the Republic of Moldova", API will increase the potential for involving citizens, civil society organisations and mass-media institutions in the regions of Moldova in debating local issues and policies. Within this Action, API implements the Local Grants Programme in the field of Media and Communication.

The amount available for the Local Granst Programme in Media and Communication is 275,000 EUR

First call for proposals

The first grants competition for local and regional media non-governmental organizations was launched in December 2019, and 31 project proposals were received. As a result of the evaluation process, 14 organizations were selected and awarded with grants. The results of the first call for proposals are as follows:


Implementation period

Amount, EURO

Medium grants

1.        AO InfoDava



2.        Media Birlii Uniunia Media

12 months


3.        Piligrim Demo

12 months


4.        AO Cahul 2030

11 months


5.        AO Prospect

10 months


6.        AO Feed-Back

12 months


7.        AO Universal Media

12 months


8.        Asociatia Jurnalistilor de Mediu si Turism Ecologic

12 months


9.        AO NordMedia

12 months


10.     Media Grup Meridian

12 months


11.     AO Expresul

10 months


12.     AO Anima



Small grants

1.      Eurodemos Plus

6 months


2.      AO ASCED

6 months



The Local Grants Programme is launched under the Single Support Framework for European Union (EU) support to Moldova (2017-2020) within the European Neighbourhood Instrument  through the Action "Citizens' Empowerment in the Republic of Moldova" (2019 -2021) and implemented by the German Development Cooperation through GIZ.

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