In the Centre development region (districts of Anenii Noi, Calarasi, Criuleni, Dubasari, Hincesti, Ialoveni, Nisporeni, Orhei, Rezina, Straseni, Soldanesti, Telenesti and Ungheni), implementation of the Local Grants Program is carried out by the Association for Efficient and Responsible Governance AGER in partnership with the Public Association Regional Development Agency ”Habitat” (RDA ”Habitat”).

The Association for Efficient and Responsible Governance AGER is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation, registered in 2012, but it already has a prominent experience in watchdog and advocacy activities. Scope of work it performs is to help promoting reforms to build a democratic state, in which the governance is efficient, transparent, accountable and operates in public service and benefit all citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

The most important projects implemented so far pertain to monitoring of the justice sector reform, public procurement area and promotion of anti-corruption policies. Over the past years, AGER has become a centre of expertise in public procurement and implemented a national wide campaign of monitoring of public procurement procedures, training and empowering local NGOs to supervise how public money is spent by the local contracting authorities.

RDA ”Habitat” is a public, non-profit association established on 18 December 2001, specialised in the provision of services of public interest for the sustainable development of rural settlements in development regions in the Republic of Moldova. Thus, the mission of the Association is to contribute to community development by strengthening participatory democracy, tourism, small and medium businesses, and vocational training. During its work, RDA ”Habitat” has successfully implemented over 100 projects.

More information on the implementing partner in the Centre region can be found by visiting the website of the project partners:

The amount available for competition of grants in Centre development region is 750,000 EUR.

Results of the first call for proposals launched in november 2019:

Small grants, up to 10 000 Euro:

  1. AO „ASCED”, r. Călărași
  2. AO „Uranus”, r. Orhei
  3. AO Asociația Băștinașilor „Zubrea", r. Strașeni
  4. AO „Rise up for a chance”, r. Criuleni
  5. AO „Șerpenenii de Pretutindeni”, r. Anenii-Noi

    Medium grants, up to 30 000 Euro:

    1. AO „Fundația Comunitară Orhei”, r. Orhei
    2. AO ”Centrul de Dezvoltare Comunitară 21”, r. Nisporeni

      Big grants, up to 50 000 Euro:

      1. AO Centrul de Inovare și Politici din Moldova, mun. Chișinău
      2. AO „Eco-Răzeni”, r. Ialoveni
      3. AO „Ecovisio”, mun. Chișinău
      4. AO „Centrul Regional de Dezvoltare Durabilă” mun. Ungheni
      5. AO „Asociația pentru Valorificarea Deșeurilor”, mun. Chișinău
      6. AO „Iedera - Dubăsarii Vechi”, r. Criuleni
      7. AO Federația a Agricultorilor din Moldova „FARM”, mun. Chișinău
      8. AN pentru Turism Receptor din Moldova, or. Codru
      9. AO IDIS „Viitorul”, mun. Chișinău

      The Local Grants Programme is launched under the Single Support Framework for European Union (EU) support to Moldova (2017-2020) within the European Neighbourhood Instrument  through EU-GIZ project "Citizens' Empowerment in the Republic of Moldova" (2019 -2021) and implemented by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).

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