With the support of the European Union, the citizens of eight localities of the South Region collect the waste more organised

The members of the civic action groups from eight localities of Stefan Voda, Cimislia and Causeni rayons, in partnership with the local public administration, were actively involved in a communication and awareness raising campaign on waste management and the challenges faced by all the actors in this sector.

Among the main activities carried out within two projects implemented by the Centre for Sustainable Development "Rural-21" were peer to peer communication with citizens and questioning the degree of satisfaction with waste management, actions of practical testing of garbage collection in localities, the installation of surveillance cameras for landfills, as well as the installation of social advertising totems in public places, through which the waste problem will be permanently in people’s attention.

Also, within the implemented projects, the Guide on the elaboration of local waste management plans was prepared, which responds to many challenges in the field of waste management, including lack of solutions at national level, constant increase of accumulated waste volume, low level of awareness of negative effects on the environment, low degree of participation in the management of public affairs, the burden of sustainability of a service created in communities. The Guide contains participatory education actions for citizens and legal steps on the creation and management of the waste disposal service. Draft documents are also provided for the types of management, waste disposal, model service regulation, tariff setting methodology, draft decisions on tenders, delegation, on the procedure for signing the service delegation contracts, etc. Based on the information and recommendations included in the Guide, the mayoralties of the villages benefiting from the projects have developed local programs on waste management, in which they have planned concrete actions in terms of communication and mobilization of citizens.

The Centre for Sustainable Development "Rural-21" is a beneficiary of the EU Local Grants Programme and has implemented the project "Good managers in the yard – good managers in the village - we collect garbage, more organised" in the villages Stefanesti, Volintiri, Copceac, Marianca de Jos and Talmaza from Stefan Voda rayon, and the project “Together we make the villages cleaner” in the villages Selemet, Cimișlia rayon, Taraclia, Causeni rayon, and Antonesti, Stefan Voda rayon. The Local Grants Programme is launched on the basis of the Single Support Framework of the European Union (EU), to the Republic of Moldova (2017-2020) under the European Neighborhood Instrument, through the EU funded Action "Citizens’ Empowerment in the Republic of Moldova" (2019-2021), which is implemented by the German Development Cooperation through GIZ, in coordination with the project "Modernisation of Local Public Services in the Republic of Moldova".